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About the NAFTC

Founded in 1992, the National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium (NAFTC) is the only nationwide training organization dedicated to promoting, supporting, and expanding the use of alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles in an effort to improve air quality and decrease U.S. dependence on foreign oil. Headquartered at West Virginia University, the NAFTC provides Training with Impact through its experienced instructors and real-world facilities.

The NAFTC Provides:

Curriculum Development

NAFTC curriculum is developed based on the most up-to-date industry information. Before being released, it undergoes a rigorous examination by a review team of professional automotive instructors and technicians consisting of NAFTC members and industry experts.

Training: Courses & Workshops

Over twenty NAFTC courses and workshops are available on alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles.

Education & Outreach

The NAFTC conducts education and outreach at the local and national level. On the national level, National AFV Day Odyssey is the NAFTC’s premier event. It is the largest nationwide educational awareness event ever conducted for alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles.

What Our Members Are Saying:

“With gas prices as they are and the large vehicles that the American society is used to driving, we must do something to offset the fuel prices, clean the environment, and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. I believe alternate fuels is the answer. The University of Northwestern Ohio, with the help of the NAFTC, will be able to provide qualified technicians to fill the demand.”

—Dr. Jeff Jarvis, President, University of Northwestern Ohio

“Although alternative fuel and hybrid powered vehicles drive exactly the same as regular vehicles, there are some significant differences that maintenance technicians and public safety officials need to be trained on … like how to safely work with higher voltage batteries and fuels that react differently than gasoline in case of spills or leakage if the vehicle is in an accident. The expert training that the NAFTC provides is extremely important.”

—Dennis A. Smith, Director, U.S. Department of Energy Clean Cities Program

“The benefits of being a member of the NAFTC are many. At MTEC, two of our instructors have received training in alternative fuel uses. We have been able to implement training to our students in biodiesel fuels. This has resulted in two of our auto technology students being able to intern at the district’s bus garage. Our electric instructor attended training on electric vehicles this summer. This ties in with our EV Challenge Program, in which our students compete nationally with the electric cars they have built. We have a bright future in alternative fuel training thanks to the NAFTC.”

— John George, Principal/Director, Monongalia County Technical Education Center (MTEC)

“The NAFTC does a tremendous job with alternative fuels education and training. Their programs are well written and easily received.“

—Chris Peterson, Toyota Service Training Supervisor and Advanced Electric Drive Vehicle Education Program Advisory Committee Member

New Member Testimonial:

When Yuba College started thinking about implementing alternative fuel courses into the automotive program, we started checking around and doing research to find the best option. We looked around for two years at different groups that we thought could provide the services we needed. Ed Davis, Dean of Business, Social Science & Humanities, Career Technical Education, at Yuba, met Al Ebron, NAFTC Executive Director, at a conference in Anaheim and the connection was made. What the NAFTC offers plugged right into the Yuba program. Joining the NAFTC has been great because Yuba has been able to do things that we normally could not do. The curricula, training, and other services the NAFTC provides, especially the first responder program, were exactly what was needed to complement and expand the Yuba College programs. Becoming an NAFTC National Training Center has moved Yuba into a new and exciting direction.

—Mike Morse, Professor, Automotive Technology, Yuba College

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