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First Responder Safety Training Overview

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The First Responder Safety Training is designed specifically to reduce the risks taken by first responders when responding to accidents involving alternative fuels, alternative fuel vehicles and advanced technology vehicles. The classroom materials include information on emergencies involving biofuels and biofuel vehicles, gaseous fuels and gaseous fuel vehicles, hydrogen and hydrogen-powered vehicles, and electric drive vehicles.

This section provides you with the materials and information you need to successfully plan, promote, host, and evaluate a First Responder Safety Training. You’ll find FAQ sheets, promotional materials, media guides, curriculum order forms, registration forms, a workshop agenda and other useful resources.

NOTE: Due to the technical nature and important safety factors directly related to this training, all First Responder Safety Training Train-the-Trainer sessions must be contracted through the NAFTC. For more information please contact Mike Smyth at 304-293-7882 or

Safety Training
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